Welcome to the Gorgon Network

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Protecting our communities,  one event at a time.

The Gorgon Network is a resource for people who host or attend any kind of community related events or groups to proactively protect their communities from sexual predators.

This website serves to offer different ways to help keep our communities safe before, during and after the events.

This site is not intended to give all the answers, each community and group has different needs and challenges.

I will offer suggestions of places to start but want to inspire groups and leaders to ask the right questions to find solutions to possible situations that may arise.

Motivated and inspired by my own personal experiences that had happened surrounding a non-profit Networking Group that I ran, I felt called to put together a guide to help those who put on any kind of  public events.

With that in mind, I have founded the Gorgon Network as a prevention tool  to be used to proactively  protect all communities.


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