Justice for Regina Bright!

On Saturday March 12th, 2022 a member of my merry band of Gorgons, Regina Bright, was killed in a horrific car accident.

She was attempting to take a left hand turn when another driver who was going 100mph in a 35mph zone struck her vehicle and killed her.

Gina was a very dear friend of mine and The Gorgon Network. She cheered me on EVERY DAY from when I started to put The Gorgon Network together to the day she died.

She encouraged me behind the scenes to do my work. Her support from proof reading, bouncing ideas off of each other, raising money for The Gorgon Network to doing events with me was ALWAYS consistent and infallible.

I started a petition on Change.org two months after her funeral to raise awareness about her case as NO CHARGES had been filed against the driver that killed her.

Three months after her funeral it was announced that the other driver would be charged but it would only be a misdemeanor charge that carries a maximum penalty of $1000.00 or one year in jail.

This is not an acceptable charge for someone who’s conscious decision to speed and drive recklessly took the life of a young mother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a cousin and amazing friend.

Please take a moment to sign the Change.org petition for Gina.

We will continue to raise awareness about her case until we truly have #JusticeforReginaBright.


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