About me

My name is Anna.

In the early 2000s I was co-founder of a non-profit networking organization named Windfyre. We presented and put on family friendly events for the pagan community. While hosting a multi-day camping event a group of registered sex offenders attempted to, then succeeded in crashing our event, despite our being very clear that they were not welcome to attend.

In 2004, the person that I had co-founded Windfyre with, Patrick Persinger, was unanimously voted out of Windfyre for not being able to account to missing funds from the Windfyre account to the tune of almost $1000.00. Windfyre pressed charges on him for misappropriation of funds and won the case.

In 2011 Pat was busted with a hard drive and two flash drives (16 GB & 2 GB) containing 3500+ photos and 250 videos of child pornography. He was charged with distributing, receiving and possessing child pornography on a hard drive and two USB flash drives from 2006 though 2011. In 2013 he plead guilty to distribution of child pornography and was sentenced to 84 months in prison, 5 years supervised release. He is currently out of prison and is listed on the sex offender registry.

I realized that there needed to be a tool for anyone who hosts community events to help protect attendees from sexual predators. The money that had gone missing from the Windfyre accounts in 2004 was primarily money that we had been fundraising to get Spiral Scouts groups going in not only one but two separate cities. Pat had intended on running both groups. This meant that he would have had unlimited access to kids that would have been vulnerable to him in possible secluded situations among other things.

I had been working on this project off and on for several years. In January 2018 I finally put the first version of Gorgon Network out into the world!

On March 19th, 2020 I proudly presented the new version of the Gorgon Network. Now, instead of focusing ONLY on pedophiles and event coordinators, we have taken the next steps to identify adult oriented sexual predators. We talk about consent, offer ways to help keep yourself safe and red flags to be aware of.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site, I truly hope that you get something positive from it to take with you, be it information or inspiration!

I love presenting the Gorgon Network’s message as a lecture or by setting up an event tent full of information and amazing conversation! If you would like the Gorgon Network to represent at your event please contact me and let’s get it set up!!

For up to date information on where I will be speaking or other Gorgon Nework related news and current information please join the Gorgon Network Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Gorgon-Network-110506644523064/ or click on the Social Media section of this site to get links to all of the social media that we are on and join us there!

While I may be the founder of the Gorgon Network I have AMAZING help behind the scenes. I am so blessed with my merry band of Gorgons! Thank you to my Mom, Lore, Cassie, Kiona, Kate, Celia, The Super Friends and so many more amazing people for your unwavering support, help and cheerleading!!